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Chemical water treatment is vital to keep cooling towers operating at the peak of their efficiency. Scale buildup, foreign materials, corrosion, and biological growths reduce the effectiveness of the cooling tower. This increases operating costs, maintenance downtime, and premature failure of components.

Scale buildup in recirculating cooling water systems retards heat transfer. Scale restricts water flow and reduces system capacity. Scale causes increased operating costs through higher temperatures and increased head pressure. WATCON cooling tower treatments are formulated to prevent problems associated with scale.

Foreign material, including dirt and silt washed from the air, accumulates in the system and retards heat transfer and water flow. Dispersing agents in WATCON treatment products keep these materials in suspension so that they can be carried out of the system during regular bleed off.

Cooling towers create an ideal environment for corrosion. WATCON cooling tower treatments are custom blended to prevent corrosion of the cooling tower system.

Biological growths cause many problems in cooling tower systems. Heat transfer is impaired, and corrosion is accelerated. WATCON manufactures biocides to control the problems associated with biological growths.

The correct application of treatment products is vital for the success of a program. Your WATCON District Field Engineer, working with WATCON's chemists and engineers, will develop a treatment program tailored to your needs. The proper chemicals, equipment, and application, backed by timely service, ensures that your cooling tower is maintained at its peak operating efficiency.  

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