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Non-Chemical Devices, or NCD purport to prevent scale, corrosion, and biological fouling in boilers and cooling systems. NCDs use one or more of the following technologies: Magnetics, Pulsed Power, Electrostatic, Cavitation, and Bulk Precipitation.

As you would expect from a chemical water treatment manufacturer, we are skeptical of the claims made by NCD manufacturers and distributors. We offer the following as information to help you make an informed decision on your water treatment program:

A recent study was done on the Efficacy of NCDs in controlling bacteria in cooling towers:


A similar study focusing on Legionella bacteria:


More information on the lead researcher:


If you have a galvanized steel cooling tower, ask the NCD supplier about their White Rust control program.

Ask the NCD supplier about their biological control program. What is the response to elevated bacteria or algae levels?

Ask what happens after a system upset. What if a bleedoff valve sticks open? or closed? A good water treater will know what to do in all these situations.

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