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Legionella is the name given to the strain of bacteria responsible for Legionnaire's Disease. Legionnaire's Disease is a serious multi-system respiratory illness.
Legionnaire's Disease is contracted by inhalation of water mists containing Legionella bacteria. Two of the many sources of water mists are cooling towers and evaporative condensers. An effective water treatment program is essential in minimizing the potential exposure to Legionella bacteria.
The correct application of biocides is only one part of a treatment program to control Legionella bacteria. Scale and corrosion deposits can also provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Biofilm control is important for the success of the entire water treatment program.
It is also important to test for Legionella bacteria. Simple tests for bacteria are not sufficient. A cooling system may contain bacteria, but not Legionella. A dedicated test will indicate if Legionella is present. The results will also dictate any corrective actions that need to be taken.
The proper chemical treatment can control Legionella. A complete program of scale and corrosion inhibitors, and biological control agents is required. Your Watcon rep will be glad to work with you on the program to best suit your needs.

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