Boiler Water Treatment

Chemical water treatment is vital to keep steam boilers operating at the peak of their efficiency. Scale, sludge buildup, and corrosion reduce the effectiveness of the boiler. This increases operating costs, maintenance downtime, and can lead to premature failure of components.

Scale buildup in boiler water systems retards heat transfer. As a result, fuel usage increases, and steam production decreases. Increased thermal loading of boiler tubes can lead to premature failure. All of this adds up to increased operating and maintenance costs. When applied properly, Watcon treatment products will prevent boiler scale.


Boilers produce sludge as a byproduct of steam production. Left unchecked, sludge buildups can restrict internal water flow and plug internal passages. Watcon boiler water treatments contain sludge conditioners so that sludge is removed from the boiler during normal blowdown.

Corrosion can occur in many areas of steam boiler system. Left uncontrolled, corrosion will cause increased downtime and maintenance costs. Watcon manufactures treatment products to prevent corrosion in the boiler, steam lines, and feed lines

The correct application of treatment products is vital for the success of a program. Your Watcon District Field Engineer, working with Watcon's chemists and engineers, will develop a treatment program tailored to your needs. The proper chemicals, equipment, and application, backed by timely service, ensure that your boiler is maintained at its peak operating efficiency

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